Think you don’t need a coach?

Maybe you think there isn’t anything a coach can do to help improve your business.

Ok…well take a moment to check off the items on this list that you have all together!  

(click the ‘x’ if you’re good)

My business is running very well.
My support staff is 100% Happy
I have no plans to hire anyone new in the next year.
I have the perfect balance of sales and production capacity
I have the ideal amount of personal time in my life.
The operations of my company are running well.
Company finances are in great shape
My career plan is set for the long term future.
I have a transition plan set for the time I am ready to move on.
I have an experienced confidant and mentor I can discuss any issues with if they arise.

If you successfully checked off the boxes above then you are among the select few who may not need a business coach.  Congratulations on being a business expert in your field.