Sales and Business Development

Sales development is a pretty big enchilada. Tell me a business that isn’t looking for more sales and we can tell you about a company that’s out of business. So if we can agree that you would like more sales the challenge is often the following:


Reality Check

You probably already know there are no simple answers to increasing your sales but there ARE answers. A business coach can help you review a wide range of ideas to build sales. We’re much different than a consultant that may come in for a project and MDS can help you evaluate your current sales process and make recommendations for improvements, as well as providing examples of what other businesses do to build sales in their markets.

Where are sales coming from?

If you’re not in an explosively expanding category, chances are you are going to need to steal sales from your competition. This takes time and consistent effort. It won’t happen overnight but once you convince your potential customers that your serious about providing a great product and a fair price you can see your bottom line grow.  MDS can assist you in reviewing the classic four “P’s” of sales and marketing.


  1. How does your current product/service compare with what else is on the market

  2. How does your pricing compare with your competitors?

  3. Are you positioned in the right place to sell at the best prices?

  4. What kinds of promotional messages are you sending to your customers and would be customers?

This evaluation, though often taken for granted, is a positive first step in improving the sales potential of your products and services and part of an overall improve-sales strategy.
There is also an additional “P that many companies forget when it comes to sales and marketing and that is: PEOPLE.   Making sure you have the best sales and support staff is crucial to taking business away from other businesses that might just be getting lazy and taking customers for granted.

 Let’s Get Started

Of course there are hundreds of variables that contribute to growth or lack of it. Part of the sales development process is to improve where you can and eliminate as many excuses for potential customers NOT to buy from you, so when the time comes and they’re ready to buy… they do so with YOU.