About Us

We provide coaching, consulting and training support for business leaders and managers who are looking for positive change in their businesses and lives.

Led by David Skoglund, we help you clarify your VISION, uncover core issues that are limiting your success and assist you in identifying action items.  We then help you prioritize action items and work with you as your accountability coach to achieve your goals.

Dave’s background includes 20 years as an entrepreneur, including 2 business start-ups, and extensive senior leadership experience. His experience and training is in sales, finance, process improvement and entrepreneurship. Dave’s unique combination of skills gives him an ability to strategically view the world from 30,000 feet and get into the trenches to insure that your desired results are achieved.

MDSvaluesOur Commitment

Each of our clients is supported with individualized guidance and accountability.  A systematic questioning process and active listening is the foundation for each client engagement.  And we will always take our direction from you.

Our goal is to exceed your expectations by consistently delivering great value.

Organization Affiliations

As a member of the Cleveland Chapter of the International Coach Federation (ICF), we have access to the latest research and tools to help guide executives and companies to further success.

We can help you reach new heights.

Valuable answers to today’s business challenges rarely come easily.  We will help you find answers and your pathway to enhanced success.