Accelerate Your Growth

Business Assessment

You’re involvement with the day to day activities of your business can occasionally cloud your view of what really goes on.  MDS can provide a new perspective that can open doors and your eyes to actions you may have never considered.  Our assessments are completely confidential and always enlightening.

Sales & Business Development

Each business has their own sales model.  Purchasing decisions are much more complex than in the past so it’s important to recognize your customer/client’s choice process. We want to help you define your sales goals and work with you to set up a sales model that helps reach those goals with controls to measure progress.

Self Management & Career Direction

As a business leader you probably spend most of your day managing everything in the company but yourself.  Managers often ask how they got to the situation they’re in now and where are they headed in the near and long term future.  MDS can help guide your personal growth for a more rewarding future.

Talent Acquisition and Retention

The hiring and management of people has come to the forefront of a senior manager’s priorities. Various new regulations have made it crucial to make wise choices or pay the price for years to come. MDS can provide valuable insight on how to add staff wisely and manage the people you have in the best way possible.
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What Makes Us Different?

We know what it’s like to be in your shoes.  We have the experience, skills and tools to partner with you to help you maximize your performance.

We help you see the world from 30,000 feet.  We can show you how to minimize the time you spend on day to day issues (working in your business) and how to create the time to  focus more on achieving your vision (to work on your business).

We assist you in creating goals and action items.  And we become your accountability coach, working with you to successfully implement positive change.  Think of us as your Sherpa, guiding you to new heights of success.

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