Business Coaching for Growing Organizations

Focus on Strategy for Better Results

Day-to-day activities can often overpower your ability to stay focused on your corporate strategy and vision.  You don’t have to go it alone.  As your strategic partner, we can help find the straightest path to making your vision a reality

Growing Sales & Profitability

Many small business owners experience difficulties maintaining consistent sales growth and profitability.  The cause is often one of three issues:

Don’t have the time to manage sales, Don’t want to manage sales or

Don’t have someone to manage sales.  

If you need to achieve better sales results now and you’re not sure if you have the right processes and people in place, we can help you.

Employee Retention

Retaining key employees is critical to success. Gallup, a leader in researching employee engagement, has repeatedly found that for employees to be engaged and highly productive, they require: clear role expectations, the ability to do what they do best, clear communication about their organization’s mission, and learning and development opportunities. If you’re experiencing unwanted employee turnover, let us show you how we can help.

Career Coaching

Job satisfaction and career growth come from identifying your career goals, knowing your strengths and how to best use them and understanding how results are impacted by your behavior style and those of your managers, co-workers and family.  We have the assessment tools and experience to help you achieve more of your goals.
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What Makes Us Different

We know what it’s like to be in your shoes.  We have the experience, skills and tools to partner with you to help you maximize your success.  We ask questions that create “positive conflict” and challenge the status quo.

We help you view the world from 30,000 feet and objectively identify what’s working and what isn’t.  We can show you how to minimize the time you spend on day to day issues (working in your business) and how to create the time to  focus more on achieving your vision (to work on your business).

We assist you in creating goals and action items.  And we become your accountability coach, working with you to successfully implement positive change.  Think of us as your Sherpa, guiding you to new heights of success.

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