What Can a Coach Do for Your Business

5 Nov 2018
MDS Editor


Eric Schmidt, the former Executive Chairman of Google, was quoted advising that new CEOs would do well to “hire a coach.”  He went on to say, “once I realized I could trust him (the coach) and that he could help me with perspective, I decide this was a great idea…”  A coach enhances your natural ability. A coach helps you see and do what you can’t see and do on your own.  A coach can lead you to reach your full potential.


5 ways a coach can help you achieve positive change

  1. Define your current reality by helping you consider – What is my present situation? Where am I headed?
  1. Clarify your vision and goals. Many people continually react to their current reality rather than living and working with purpose. A coach will first lead you to define what success looks like to you so you can set goals toward achieving it.
  1. Identify barriers to your vision. We all have a few blind spots and gremlins (that negative voice inside you) that can slow our success.  A coach can help you identify, acknowledge and address these roadblocks to maximize your success.
  1. Test your thinking, opinions, conclusions, and behavior. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut, doing the same things and thinking the same way while expecting different results.
  1. Establish accountability by helping you evaluate -Am I making progress? Am I growing? Am I accomplishing my vision? Many get off track because they confuse intent or activity with progress. A coach helps you accomplish what you set out to accomplish.


So who do you have to coach you, to ask you the tough questions on a regular basis?


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