Coaching Examples

Maybe you’ve considered coaching as an option but you’re not quite sure how it could work for you.  Listed below are a few examples of how a coaching arrangement might be structured.  Since every business is unique your coaching service can be customized to fit your needs.

Company Leader Corporate Coaching

Business and Leadership Direction

  • Business Assessment and Report
  • Single Leader Coaching
  • 1 Session per Month for 4 Months
  • Goals and Measurement Setting
  • Planning for the Future

Management Team Corporate Coaching

Elite Group Coaching Process

  • Business Assessment and Report
  • Coaching for 4 Managers
  • 4 One-on-One Sessions Each
  • Goals and Measurement Setting
  • Group Summary Meeting

Company Department Coaching Clinics

Larger Group Coaching Solution

  • Business Assessment & Report
  • Topic Review with Management
  • 4 One Hour Group Presentations
  • Post Presentation Q & A
  • Possible Individual Coaching

Individual Career Coaching and Goal Setting

Jumpstart Your Personal Growth Plan

  • Career Review & Analysis
  • Marketing Conditions Report
  • 4 Individual Coaching Sessions
  • Resume Analysis and Review
  • Career Goal Action Plan

All coaching services include the following

Category Exclusive Coaching

MDS won’t coach any two businesses in the same category at the same time.

Free Initial Consultation

No fee charged as we get to know each other and develop the relationship.

Personal Time with Dave Skoglund

Dave meets with you or your staff and provides valuable insight on business.

100% Confidentiality

Your information is never shared with anyone or stored online.