MDS Career Coaching

Get Your Career On Track

Many of the most successful people in business and industry have used a career coach to help them make the right choices along their occupation pathway. No matter what role you’re in, or want to be in, a coach with significant business insight can identify what areas you are strong in and where you need to improve.

Listed below are nine key reasons you should be using a career coach.  See if you can come up with additional reasons of your own.

See yourself through other people’s eyes

Set personal goals and measurement steps

Make tough decisions with confidence

Manage your boss and coworkers better

Increase your project productivity

Improve performance review results

Plan a career change including resume review and advice

Create a better balance between work and home life

Significantly improved career/job satisfaction

How many times have you been highly considered for a role you wanted deeply, only to be the runner up to the position you wanted. Quite possibly the services of a career coach might have put you over the top.

The best use of a career coach is not for an hour or two at one time, but a longer term relationship of short meetings to continually review your progress and professional challenges. A good career coach can be with you throughout your professional lifetime and even provide advice on how you can make the most of your retirement.

What’s Your Reason for Career Change?


Confidant, Mentor or Career Coach… Choose One!

Some lucky people use a mentor as a career coach but if you’re not fortunate enough to have a personal mentor then a hired gun to help guide your employment direction is the next best choice.